The Voyagers, a group of clergy and congregational leaders, has been gathering twice a year since 1999 to explore Bowen Family Systems Theory and its application to congregations and leadership by Rabbi Edwin Friedman.

Learning Bowen theory is a life-long effort that requires more than just reading the literature and going to a couple conferences.  To continue learning Bowen theory, members of the Voyagers come  together to:

• Explore theory and practice through presentations by well-known and respected Bowen theory scholars as well as members of the Voyagers;

• Work on the process of differentiation of self through family of origin groups, and contact with peers;

• Engage in theological reflection through case studies, written works, and theological presentations; and

• Work on pastoral practice through case studies and networking with other pastoral leaders.


Where, when and Who?



The Rev. Carol Jeunnette, Ph.D., is the chairperson of the Voyagers.  Contact her at [email protected].