Bowen Theory has been described as “a way of thinking that shapes a way of being.” Individuals who have worked with this thinking over a period of years have found that regular contact with the theory – such as that provided through the Voyagers – is crucial to their ‘being’ in this way. The hope is that those who become involved in the Voyagers are able to do so on a continuing basis, rather than just ‘now and then.’

The Voyagers meet twice each year, usually in the Washington DC area. Meetings begin at 1:30 p.m. on Day 1 (Monday or Tuesday), and finish before lunch on Day 4 (Thursday or Friday).

The annual membership fee for Voyagers is $100. Registration for each of the meetings (spring and fall) is $300, making the total cost for the year $700. This covers program costs and several meals. Lodging costs are the responsibility of the participants. We have been meeting at the Staybridge Suites in McLean, VA. At this point, lodging costs run about $375.

Individuals who are interested in joining the Voyagers are asked to send a letter of interest responding to the following questions:

-What was your introduction to Bowen Theory and Rabbi Friedman’s thinking?
-How have you been using this thinking?
-How do you anticipate your participation in the Voyagers will be helpful to you and your work?
-Please describe briefly your ministry experience as well as your current setting.
-Please include a family of origin diagram (genogram).

If you have questions, or need help with a family of origin diagram, you are welcome to contact Carol Jeunnette, Chair of the Voyagers ([email protected]).

Please send your application to:

Carol Jeunnette
5548 West Branch Trail.    Racine, Wisconsin.  53402