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Over the years, the Voyagers have sponsored several conferences.  Video recordings of these conferences are now available by subscription to the Voyagers Digital Library.

Included in the library are recordings of these conferences.  Click on the conference name for a list of presentations and speakers.  Subscribe to the Voyagers Digital Library, or, if already a subscriber, log in at the bottom of the page.

  • Adventure in Differentiation, March, 2012
  • A Rabbi Brought a Psychiatrist to Church: Rabbi Friedman & Dr. Bowen, November, 2016
  • Bowen Theory and Theology:  What’s God Got to Do With It?   November, 2015
  • Voyagers in Buffalo – 2018
      • Bowen Theory’s Secrets: The Hidden Lives of Families, Dr. Michael Kerr, Director fo the Bowen Theory Academy, (4 presentations).
      • From Individual to Systems Thinking – An Introduction to Bowen Theory (2 presentations);
  • Reunion on the Road Ahead:  Honoring the Work of Rabbi Edwin Friedman.. The digital recordings of this conference were not done well.  One of the Voyagers is working on restoring them as much as possible.  As they are available, they will be posted.
        • Shira Friedman Bogart
  • The Voyagers at DaySpring, March, 2019
        • Kathy Wiseman:  My Four Biggest Mistakes, Part 1, Part 2
        • Michael Jupin:  Meditation and the Brain
        • Dave Goodine:  Emotional Process
  • Remembering Pete Steinke – Voyagers and Friends; July 16, 2020
        • The Voyagers and friends gathered to give thanks for the life and ministry of Pete Steinke.  As one of the founders of the Voyagers, Pete’s contributions and friendship were great.
  • Voyagers Night In – August 20, 2020
        • Ed Henley Reflection Paper: Thoughts on Change, Progress, Ministry, and the Kingdom of God
  • Voyagers Night In – March 25, 2021
        • Carol Jeunnette: Bowen Basics & Family Tree, plus Trauma through a Bowen Lens (an attempt to think about trauma using Bowen Theory)
  • Voyagers Online Spring Meeting, May 19-21, 2021
        • Michael Jupin:
        • Ed Henley:  Emerging from the Pandemic
  • Voyagers in McLean, VA, March, 2022
        • Dr. Carrie Collier, Director of the Bowen Center
          • Differentiation of Self: Research Grounded in Bowen Theory
        • Charles Trittin
          • Inside-Out Spirituality

The cost of a subscription is $50.00 per year. This annual fee allows you unlimited online access to the videos. (For Voyagers who have paid their annual membership fee ($100), access to the videos is free.  Go directly to the login.)

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