Voyagers in Virginia, March 22 – 25, 2022

Staybridge Suites, McLean, VA

The Voyagers will return to “home base” for our spring meeting in 2022. The plan is to be “in person” for this meeting, and to make the sessions with presentations available through a single Zoom camera. (Sorry, it won’t be as fancy as October’s event in Racine!).

In light of the continuing pandemic and risk, we ask that anyone who is not vaccinated and boosted join us online rather than in McLean. For those who are in-person, we will maintain social distancing, wear masks, and take other precautions needed to lessen risk. If there is another surge during late March, there is the possibility that our in-person meeting will be cancelled.

Speakers and presentations for our meeting include Dr. Carrie Collier, the Director of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family, David Goodine and Charles Trittin,. We will view and discuss a video of a presentation by Dr. Dan Papero at a Bowen Center conference last year. We also will do a little around Friedman’s thinking on playfulness. As usual, there will be Family of Origin groups (including one online group), the opportunity for case studies, and look at the upcoming lectionary through a systems lens.

Registration for those attending in-person is $300. If you choose to join us online, the registration cost is $200.

The Room and Meals cost for the Staybridge is as follows: Single-occupancy suite for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is $480. Double-occupancy (one bedroom suite, please arrange your own roommate) is $250 per person. This includes: 1) breakfast provided by the Staybridge on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; 2) lunch provided by Voyagers on Wednesday and Thursday; and 3) appetizers and beer or wine provided by Voyagers on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. At this point, the plan is to do the traditional Dutch-treat “Voyagers’ Night Out” at J.Gilberts on Thursday.

Given the pandemic, several things at the Staybridge have changed. Breakfast is still offered each morning. Hospitality (wine, beer and a light dinner) is no longer offered in the evening. The hotel shuttle bus is not running. You will need to call use a cab/Uber to get from the Metro to the hotel. Also, they have closed the Conference Room (which would be too small for our group anyway). We are exploring other possibilities for meeting space. Flexibility Is the name of the game.

For dinners (Tuesday and Wednesday) the Voyagers will provide appetizers, beer and wine. We suggest you purchase microwavable dinners or something similar from the grocery store next door. If you wish, you may prepare them and bring them to the lobby so we can ‘share’ a meal.

If you paid the annual Membership Fee ($100) for 2021, you are credited that amount for the Membership Fee for 2022. Please double-check with Michael Jupin if you are not sure.

Please use this link to register. When you have completed the registration process, please print the final payment page and send it, with a check, to our treasurer, Michael Jupin. (His address Is on the payment page.). Registration closes at midnight on February 18.

For Metro directions to the Staybridge, click here.