“Rabbi & Psychiatrist” Presentations and Presenters


A Rabbi Brought a Psychiatrist to Church


Welcome and Introduction Carol Jeunnette
Biography: Dr. Murray Bowen Carol Jeunnette
Biography: Rabbi Edwin Friedman Shira Friedman Bogart
Bowen and Friedman: Very Different Goals David Goodine
Advancing the Theory: Prodigal or Prodigy? Peter Steinke
The Bowen-Friedman Axis: 1 + 1 = 3 Larry Foster
Murray Bowen and Edwin Friedman:              What is the Difference? Anne McKnight
Murray Bowen and Edwin Friedman on Self Michael Jupin
Standing at the Intersection of Philosophy (Theology) and Scientific Inquiry Robert Hunter
Bowen, Friedman and God:                      Triangling Toward Science Tony Wilgus