Voyagers Night In

Since the Voyagers began meeting in 1999, Voyagers Night Out has been part of the tradition. Most often it has been a dutch-treat meal in a nearby restaurant – a time of friendship, fellowship and a bit of wine.

With the pandemic, we decided to shift the tradition to something that works online. Voyagers Night In is a monthly Zoom gathering during which one member leads discussion on a topic of his or her choice. The discussion is often accompanied by a glass of wine, or ???

Upcoming “Nights”:

Thursday, December 10, 2020. Larry Foster is working on the idea of Bowen Theory as a means of grace. Drawing on a broad range of readings, from Joe Sittler, to Ed Friedman, to Eric Hoffer, to David Barash, to Rupert Sheldrake, it will be fascinating to hear what Larry is thinking. Also – since this is the Christmas season – feel free to dress for the occasion. Black tie is optional. Register through the link in the next paragraph. Once you register, you will receive a draft of Larry’s thinking, some reading recommendations (you might want to get started today!) and a recommendation for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday, January 21, 2021. Anyone interested in presenting your thoughts on theology, Bowen Theory, the church…?

Membership in the Voyagers is not necessary for participation in Voyagers Nights In. However, registration is required to receive the papers. Click here to register.